TEFL in Seville

Your option is to take a TEFL in Seville? Great choice! There are some cool things you'll love about this city

Seville is the main city in Andalusia and the 4th largest in Spain. One of the fascinating things about studying or working in Seville is that you happen to learn about history daily. This city breathes history and has an incredible culture, you will love to feel the magic of walking through its streets. As you walk around you'll hear Spanish words and phrases as people use them daily. Even if you can't understand the conversation, you'll be able to sense their emotions and their thoughts.

You will feel in a mystical and pleasant environment and this may be due to the grandeur of its monuments, such as the Cathedral, the Alcázar (an Arab palace that has been shown in several films)... Or perhaps the charm of areas like Triana, or the scent of jasmine in its squares that expands along with Spanish guitar music. A typical Seville Flamenco festival also takes place on the day of each month between September and May, which means you can be part of this cultural extravaganza too, whilst learning Spanish!

Seville has a wonderful climate all year round, with a mild temperature during winter, spring and autumn. Experience high temperatures during July and August, above 36 degrees Celsius.

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Why a TEFL course in Seville?

While you can get your TEFL certification and get your TEFL Course Spain in Seville with native teachers, you will have the opportunity to experience all this culture through your senses. With the best climate in all of Spain plus an excellent cultural history, Seville has proven to be a popular place for short term and long term TEFL courses. 

If you have a passion for language, then this would be a great opportunity for you.

The TEFL Course in Seville

120 Hour course syllabus

After each lesson, there will be an assignment, which must be completed and submitted to your tutor at TEFL Course Spain for review. Your tutor is, therefore, able to consistently monitor your progress and provide assistance throughout the course.

11 units 

The course provides all candidates with the theoretical foundation needed for grammar, lesson planning and teaching methodologies. All with a strong practical component, which means that all theory can be effectively applied to the practical aspects of online education as well.

Internships and jobs

TEFL Course Spain offers full support to its candidates so that they can find internships and jobs as soon as the TEFL certification is completed.

Accommodation and others

TEFL Course Spain offers accommodation (optional) for students moving to Seville to obtain their TEFL certification. They offer single rooms for students, shared apartments or host families. All accommodations are located in the best areas of the city and offer all services, such as broadband internet and others. 

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